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Day 1-2 Wed-Thurs, March 29-30, 2017

Long day

Walk, breakfast, dog to sitter. Driver took us to Tampa. 1st experience with using a driver, Eileen Kemp. She was excellent and even Howie thought he could get used to it. United flight was on time both on time departure through D.C. Neither HMR nor I slept at all. We were served breakfast at midnight and landed in Brussels shortly after. Our GCT guides were there to meet us and the first member of the group that we met was the couple from Sarasota. We knew that we wouldn't be the only liberals on the boat. After a short delay we were on our way to the boat, the Harmony which was docked in Antwerp. The ship was a twin to the Rhapsody which was our home for the trip we took two years ago on the Danube. Our goal for the day was to stay awake till bedtime. Our director, Rebecca, took us into Antwerp for a short orientation walk after which we both collapsed for a 1 hr.nap after realizing that we had been awake for about 30 hours. Lots of introductions and program talks and then complete collapse for 7 hours of blissful sleep.

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Day 5, Sun. April 2, 2017


sunny 59 °F

Brisk morning with the temperatures in the 40's. after the morning walk and a talk on an important WW II battle called Operation Kitchen Garden, we took a walking tour of this hilly and very lovely city of Nijmegen. Our guide gave us insights to the culture, some history not in the history books regarding the Dutch and the Holocaust.
Rebecca's in laws met us in the town square. There we talked about some of the foods available in the square from the food carts. Herring and kibbelings were available. REbecca asked here POPPA to demonstrate the appropriate way to eat the herring. The herring was about 6 inches long. It was flash frozen to kill any parasites and salted. He held it by he tail above his mouth and gobbled it up. His verbal description of the taste was "it was like an Englishmanpissing on your tongue." I am not sure this was supposed to be a good thing. REbecca then purchased enough kibbeling for all to try this very tasty fried white fish chunk. HMR and I both liked it. We toured more of the city where we discovered a lovely park overlooking the river. We then returned to the boat for lunch and travel o Bonn.

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Day 3 Fri. March 31, 2017

Antwerp - Willemstad, the Netherlands

semi-overcast 70 °F

# WE were docked in Antwerp on the Schelde River. Morning was spent touring the old city of Antwerp, all within easy walk ofAntwerps old town. L. Morning walk was about an hour. back to the boat for lunch and a nap and another walk about the city. The The afternoon was free and we set off by ourselves into Antwerp and then came back in a light drizzle. A nap was in order. Our ship travelled to Willemstad, Netherlands overnight. Finally got some sleep.

Had official introduction to the ship and crew and safety lecture. Welcome dinner. Sweet sleep.

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